3E Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd is well qualified and has significant experience in power distribution and communications systems design work. Our team comprises some of the most experienced professionals in the field of specialist underground power and communications reticulation, and offer a high quality and efficient service that will provide the desired outcomes for any land development type work. Our Directors and staff have been involved in some of the largest land development and infrastructure projects in Perth, including land development design for some of the largest multi-stage master-planned communities in WA, most of the regions shires and councils, and network reinforcement and retrospective undergrounding for Western Power and Horizon Power.

A cross section of some of our recent relevant project experience includes:

Private Developer Greenfield Land Development Projects

Private Developer Greenfield Land Development ProjectsNumerous, including:

  • Port Coogee Development, over 2,500 lots
  • St Leonard’s Estate, West Swan, ultimately over 5,000 lots
  • Vale, Ellenbrook, over 3,000 lots
  • Dalyellup Beach Estate, Capel, over 3,000 lots
  • Secret Harbour, Mandurah, over 2500 lots
  • Vasse Newtown Development, ultimately over 5,000 lots
  • The Rivergums Estate, Baldivis
  • Mariners Cove, Mandurah
  • Kingston Estate, Australind
  • Dunsborough Lakes, Dunsborough
  • Swan Industrial Estate, Canning Vale, over 100 industrial lots

Retrospective Underground Power (SUPP) Projects for Western Power

Retrospective Underground Power SUPP Projects for Western PowerNumerous, including:

  • Wilson Retrospective Undergrounding, 720 lots
  • Palm Beach Retrospective Undergrounding, 685 lots
  • Wembley Downs Retrospective Undergrounding, 1850 lots
  • City Beach Retrospective Undergrounding, 1650 lots

Resources Industry Development & Accommodation Projects

  • Wickham Accommodation Expansion Project (Current). Electrical Engineering design services to Serling Consulting and Thinc Projects for RTIO for new Wickham South Stage 1 accommodation expansion program (approx. 270 residential lots) including NBN Co communications pit and pipe
  • Wickham Lodge and Cajiput FIFO sites power upgrade, Roebourne-Point Samson Road intersection aerial undergrounding and intersection lighting to MRWA standards, Waqllcott Drive aerial removal and undergrounding
  • Newman Town Centre Upgrade and Revitalisation (Current). Electrical Engineering design services to JDSI Consulting Engineers, BHP Billiton and Shire of East Pilbara for revitalisation and expansion of Newman Town Centre, including extensive aerial removal and undergrounding, roadway and specialist lighting and power capacity upgrade
  • North Whites Beach, Barrow Island HDD Project. Power generation, power and communications reticulation and external site lighting for the horizontal direct drilling land base at Barrow Island for Lucas Operations. Included 6-off distributed diesel generator sets supplying power to numerous buildings and facilities, and 10-off mobile lighting towers
  • Jandakot Park Development. Redevelopment of Jandakot Airport land to establish a large scale commercial, business and industrial precinct. Project included new dual 10MVA supplies and 22kV reticulation to numerous transformer substations, and extensive custom designed street lighting.
  • Worsley Alumina Construction Camp (3E as JCE 2009). 60-room temporary fly-camp with JDSi Consulting Engineers. Comprises 15-off 4-person SPQ’s, 2-off Laundries, 2-off kitchen diners, sewage treatment plant.
  • Hope Downs Accommodation Village (3E as JCE/WCE Consortium 2006/07). New 700-room camp for Rio Rinto and Calibre Engenium. Included all ancillary facilities, drymess, kitchen, sewer pump station. 3E staff were involved in the design of 11kV high voltage system to various transformers strategically located around the camp and numerous associated low voltage switchboards used to distribute low voltage to accommodation units. Included connection to temporary Generators until permanent mains supply was installed. Construction completed, camp commissioned and operational.
  • Searipple Accommodation Village, Karatha (3E as JCE 2008). 164-room expansion project with JDSi Consulting Engineers. Comprised 18-off 8-person staff quarters, 5-off 4-person staff quarters, 3-off laundry blocks, 200-man kitchen and bin wash area, and carpark expansion.

Redevelopment and Revitalisation Projects for various Councils and Shires

Redevelopment and Revitalisation Projects for-various Councils and ShiresSome of our specific Redevelopment and Revitalisation projects include:

  • Town of Newman Town Centre lighting upgrade, for the Shire of East Pilbara
  • Wickham Drive Enhancement Project (current)
  • Bunbury Coastal Enhancement Project Stage 1, featuring custom designed specialist lighting to the roadway and carpark, public walkway decorative lighting, power supplies to amenities and floodlighting to the ocean front, including overhead line removal and undergrounding as required
  • Concept design for the proposed Sorrento Beach Redevelopment project for the City of Joondalup
  • Masterplan and budgets for the City of Cockburn for the Cockburn Road Pedestrian Facilities
  • Shire of Corrigin Walton Street Redevelopment
  • Donnybrook Town Centre Redevelopment Project, including custom decorative lighting to AS1158 to parks and recreation reserve lighting
  • Wanneroo Town Centre Redevelopment, including distinctive roadway and POS lighting
  • Dalyellup Beach Estate, private decorative and feature lighting
  • Secret Harbour, private and public area lighting
  • Mandurah Quays, private street and area lighting

Landscape Architectural Projects

Landscape ArchitecturalIn addition to the park and public open space lighting projects above, we have worked closely with Landscape Architects on the following recent projects:

  • Port Coogee – All Public Open Spaces, parks and beaches, current with Hassell
  • Newman Town Centre, with UDLA
  • Lakeway, Narla Road, Swanbourne POS Lighting with Hassell
  • Rockingham Waterfront Village POS Lighting with MNLA
  • Mirrabooka Town Centre Enhancement project with Blackwell and Assoc
  • Port Geographe POS B Lighting with MNLA
  • Thornlie Civic Precinct Revitalisation Project with Urbis
  • Jandakot Park Redevelopment project with Epcad

External Distribution Design Services for Western Power

  • Western Power Design ServicesCustomer Funded Design (MP) Projects, over 300 individual projects
  • System Reinforcement Projects, over 140 individual Transformer upgrade projects
  • Power Quality Projects, over 50 individual projects
  • Power Line Replacement Projects, numerous
  • Feeder Upgrade Projects, numerous
  • Network Reinforcement and Voltage Conversion Projects

Roadway Lighting Projects

Roadway LightingOur staff has extensive recent experience in local council, Western Power Corporation, Main Roads

WA and private roadway lighting projects, including the following specific street lighting projects:

  • Wilson, Palm Beach, Wembley Downs, City Beach, Claremont, East Victoria Park, West Leederville, Rivervale, North Wembley Retrospective Undergrounding Projects
  • Forrest Road, Coolbellup for the City of Cockburn
  • Port Coogee development standard decorative and custom street lighting
  • Mandurah Tce, Mandurah for the City of Mandurah
  • Armadale Road lighting upgrade for the City of Armadale
  • Gordon Road duplication, Mandurah for the City of Mandurah
  • Grose Avenue for the City of Canning
  • Shenton Avenue Duplication for the City of Joondalup
  • Hodges Drive for the City of Joondalup
  • Connolly Drive for the City of Joondalup
  • Warton Road duplication for the City of Gosnells
  • Ulster Road and various Black Spot upgrade projects for the City of Albany
  • High Street, South Terrace and numerous other projects for the City of Fremantle
  • Mitchell Freeway Extension to Hodges Drive for MRWA
  • Mitchell Freeway Widening Project for MRWA
  • Reid Highway, Carine Section for MRWA
  • Thomas Road, Kwinana
  • Gilmore Avenue, Kwinana
  • Canning Highway
  • Albany Highway, Gosnells
  • Busselton Bypass at Peppermint Park, for MRWA
  • Bussell Highway at Dalyellup Estate, for MRWA

Sporting Facilities Lighting Projects

Sports LightingOur team has been involved in numerous sporting facility type projects over recent years, including:

  • Club Competition level Soccer field lighting for Balingup Oval for the Shire of Capel
  • Competition level lighting to the new wet turf hockey facility for the City of Melville and the Melville Hockey Club
  • Parkerville Oval 2001 redevelopment documentation, including match and practice lighting to three hockey, cricket and two football pitches
  • Concept Design and Budgets for the proposed Baseball WA facility at Tom Bateman Reserve, Thornlie, including pitch lighting to match and TV broadcast levels
  • Design Concepts and budgets for the match level lighting of Orelia Oval, Kwinana for football
  • Commissioning phase for the Kwinana Motorplex sprint car and drag strip lighting to broadcast levels
  • Dalyellup Oval lighting
  • Guildford Tennis Complex