3E Consulting Engineers offer a comprehensive range of electrical consultancy and design services:

  • Underground and Aerial Power Reticulation
    • 3E specialises in the design of underground power reticulation systems, with experience in designing to the major Power Authorities in Western Australia, including Western Power, Horizon Power, Rio Tinto and BHPBIO. We have vast experience in designing reticulation systems in new green title land developments throughout the state. We offer design and consulting services for interfacing with and modification of aerial power assets.
  • NBN Co & Private Communications System
    • 3E offers design and consulting services for the reticulation of communications system in new developments. This includes the design of NBN Co. & Private communications system, or managing the application of Telstra or other party communications system.
  • Strata Title and Accommodation Villages
    • Our design and consulting services include power reticulation and communication systems through Strata titled or Accommodation Village developments.
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Management
    • The demand for green renewable energy systems continues to grow, and 3E can advise on and design renewable energy systems for new land developments, lighting or any other project where ever it’s desirable or cost effective to utilise.
  • Western Power and Main Roads WA Roadway Lighting
    • 3E is a specialist in roadway lighting, covering all aspects including local roadways for vehicle and pedestrian traffic through to major highways. We design to the specification of Australian Standards, Local Government Authorities and the Main Road WA.
  • Public Space Decorative and Specialist Lighting
    • 3E also specialises in specialist lighting, such as lighting pedestrian traffic areas and public usage spaces. This includes utilizing architectural lighting equipment that can integrate in to or complement the surrounding architecture, while providing functional and aesthetic lighting to the area.
  • Building Services
    • 3E can extend our services to include interfacing power and communications systems to buildings that form part of land development projects.
  • Construction Phase Services
    • To facilitate the smooth construction phase of a project, we offer construction phase administration or assistance services.