East Village at Knutsford, Fremantle

3E Consulting Engineers were engaged as the electrical designers for the Knutsford East Village Residential Strata Development which has been visioned as Fremantle’s most sustainable development. In collaboration with BT Energy, Power Ledger, and Gemtek, smart technologies have been incorporated into the power reticulation system to provide a more energy efficient solution. Such technologies include a Battery Energy Storage System, Smart Meter Reading and Data Aggregation.

Additional information can be found on Josh Byrne & Associates webpage who have been engaged as the Project Landscape Architects, Sustainability and Urban Water Consultants.


WP’s New Service Pit

Western Power has recently introduced a new below ground service pit to battle the complications of space limitation of micro lots and where typical mini pillar installs presents a hazard. The use of the service pit will be at WP’s discretion and shall only be considered where no other arrangements are possible. The service pit is of dimension 394(W) x 540(L) x 610(D) however occupies a 1x1m footprint due to the requirement of a surrounding hard stand surface (e.g. concrete, bitumen, paving). The hard stand surface around the pit is to be completed prior to WP’s handover and therefore issues may arise for the future lot owner due to the difference of preferred surface treatment in the vicinity of the pits.

WP’s New Application Fee

As per previous bulletin, WP’s revised fee structure will come into effect on 16 August 2019.

Further clarifications has been provided by Western Power in terms of the new Application Fee for Western Power internal design and construct applications. The following should be noted:

- Application fee to be paid via credit card at the time of application

- Application fee is non-refundable however will be deducted from the Access Offer Quote for “Simple” applications only

- Application fee will NOT be deducted from the Access Offer Quote for “standard” to “complex” applications

- Design Fee has been introduced for “standard” to “complex”. Design fee to be paid prior to WP preparing Detailed Design and Access Offer

- Design Fee is non-refundable however will be deducted from the Access Offer

Definition of each of Design Complexity is listed on Western Power’s FAQ page:


It should be specifically noted that with application fees to be paid at the time of application, a possible new delay to the WP process has been introduced.

Western Power Fee Structure Revised *Updated*

Western Power’s new fee structure will come into effect on the 1st July 2019. The revised fee structure will apply to the following distribution applications:

  • new connections
  • modifying a power supply
  • disconnections
  • isolations
  • relocations
  • unmetered supplies
  • external design and construct

An upfront design fee has been introduced for the Western Power Design and Construct applications. Further information and FAQ of the planned changes can be located at the following link:


*Update (July) – Due to technical difficulties, Western Power has delayed the introduction of the revised fee structure to 16 August 2019*

WP Quote Acceptance Process Updated

The Western Power Quote Acceptance process for both external design & construct (e.g. large subdivision projects) as well as Western Power design & construct projects has changed to an online form submission.  

The enquiry@westernpower.com.au and subdivisionadmin@westernpower.com.au email address will no longer be monitored and all correspondence to be submitted to this address previously, must now go via the website.

For all WP design & construct “MP” (or SP, GP, NP) projects, a link will be provided with the WP Quote that takes you directly to an online quote acceptance form. For any projects previously sent and not yet accepted please follow the instructions below.

For all External design & construct “MS/ML” (or SS, GS, NS / SL, GL or NL) projects, the quote acceptance form and construction package administration package are to be submitted online by following the instructions below:

  1. Click link: https://my.westernpower.com.au/contact-us/
  2. Click ‘Enquiry or feedback’ and then ‘enquiry’
  3. Under topic select ‘Customer Projects’
  4. In ‘Ask us a question’ simply type ‘Quote Acceptance’ or ‘Construction Admin Package’
  5. Add the WP Reference number provided on the WP Quote or Design Drawing
  6. Add as an attachment your quote acceptance form or Construction Admin Package
  7. Continue through the screens, adding in your details until it is submitted

Western Power Introduces New Mini Pillar

Western Power has recently advised that a new rectangular “mini pillar” has been included in their approved materials list to replace the existing dome like “mini pillar”. The changes are to take in affect as off 1 August 2017.

Refer to below post for additional information, photos and FAQs on the new rectangular “mini pillar”.

(Click Here to Read Post) – 03/07/2017

The “Uni Pillar” will remain as is and is not being replaced at this time.

(The latest Western Power Land Development Industry Updates can be found in the Bulletins Section – Click Here)

Western Power Pre-Start Clarification

A summary of the key new (December 2015) points of the UDS construction process is below. Note that the this has been a rolling implementation, but should now be fully complied with:

  • Refer to the Western Power development process (UDS 4.3.1, fig 5)
  • Upon submission of a design to WP for Conformance, a Developer must opt to either follow the original quoting process, or the de-coupled quoting process:
    • Original process – wait for audit of subdivision design AND interface design and quoting, before For Cons design is issued.
    • De-coupled process – wait only for audit of subdivision design, before For Cons design is issued. Interface design and quote is issued later.
    • The choice of the above impacts only when the quote is received relative to For Cons drawings being issued.
    • Before construction may commence, For Construction drawings must be issued AND the “construction package” must be issued to Western Power. Note that a pre-start with Western Power is not a requirement of the new process.
    • The construction package consists of (UDS
      • Site Safety Management Plan, incorporating Western Power’s Contractor Safety Guidelines (UDS & Safety, Health and Environment Requirements for Contractors)
      • Key Construction staff (Site Superintendent, Civil Contractor, Electrical Contractor etc)
      • Authorisation of Contractor as the party who shall carry out the work and handover the Western Power assets to Western Power
      • Construction programme
      • Confirmation of latest Electrical design revision
      • Electrical network is installed and tested by Developer’s Contractor. Western Power have no involvement in this phase. Design queries must be submitted to the Developer’s Electrical Engineer. Compliance evidence should be documented by the Contractor throughout the works programme to assist the handover inspection.
      • Handover inspection occurs in conjunction with Western Power (as per usual).


Underground Distribution Schemes (UDS) Manual:


Health and Environment Requirements for Contractors:


Please feel free to contact our office on 08 6314 9000 for further clarification.  

Western Power’s New Website and Submission Process

On Monday 10th October 2016, Western Power released their new Land Development Website where we are now required to submit DIP, DCR and As Constructed packages via the new website. The intention is to streamline the process and hopefully reduce turnaround times. There is a period of grace, however we have immediately embraced the new system.

A few changes to the system that will affect Developers and Civil Engineers are outlined below. All of the information listed below must be provided to successfully lodge the electrical design for DCR under the new web based system:

  • WAPC approval and a copy of the Conditional Approval document is required for DCR submissions.
  • Civil NER signed design drawings will be required when any substation site requires a raised site and so requires batters and/or retaining walls.
  • Hydrology data is a crucial part of the DCR submission on all projects with substations.
  • LGA overall approval for new estates for the inclusion of Western Power decorative street lighting is required.

Also, in the latest release of the UDS manual back in January, MGA files now replace CSD files for all projects that started from January 2016. 

Please feel free to call someone at our office on 08 6314 9000 if you would like to discuss any of this.

WP UDS Manual 11th Edition

Western Power (WP) has recently issued the 11th Edition of The Underground Distribution Scheme (UDS) Manual. The UDS Manual can be located at http://www.westernpower.com.au/land-developers-designers-guidelines-and-manuals.html#UDS. The manual reflects all aspects of Western Power’s involvement in the land development process, for both small and large subdivisions. The procedures and requirements of the 11th Edition shall apply to all new projects created from 11th January 2016. For existing projects, the new requirements shall apply where practical and where safety is a concern. Below are some salient amendments to the manual which should be specifically noted:


-          Large Subdivision – All projects are now to be decoupled

-          WP Construction Manager (CM) no longer allocated to manage the construction phase of projects as was the norm and previous CM responsibilities will fall to the Developer.

-          WP Design Conformance Review Acceptance timeframe likely to be reduced

-          Payment not required to initiate construction however some project risk to commit to project construction where uncertainties exist on WP quote value


-          Earth Potential Risk Assessment process clarified in 11th Edition. 3 Level Assessment approach.

-          Site Verification required for Level 3 Assessment. Additional costs to be noted where level 3 assessment is required.


-          Flood and water level considerations. Required levels revised

-          Transformer Noise Compliance

  • Introduced requirement for noise assessment on proposed transformer locations. Separation or fencings to be provide to achieve acceptable noise levels.


-          With UDS Design Drawings submitted in MGA94 format, Western Power no longer requires CSD files prior to Handover and Energisation.


-          Due to safety concerns, working end pillars are no longer permitted. HV and LV cables at the edge of development are now to be terminated into HV and LV live end seals, installed underground with a protective cable cover and a marker post to identify location. Current projects in construction will be allowed to be completed as per designed and budgeted for however any work to be handed over after 4th July 2016 (6 month phase in period of UDS Revisions) will require live end seals.

Western Power Posts Announcement of UDS Manual 11th Edition (Click Here to Read Post) – 04/01/2016

Western Power Posts Clarification on Live End Seals (Click Here to Read Post) – 19/01/2016

Changes to Western Power CAD File Requirements

Western Power has recently issued a reminder for all CAD drawings to be submitted in MGA94 format. This direction is being driven by changes to Western Power’s Geographic Information System with the implementation of SPIDA (Spatial Intelligence Display & Analysis).

Discussions with Western Power are currently being had to determine the specific requirements. Initial responses from Western Power advises that all CAD drawing submissions are to be in MGA94 format. It is understood that Civil Drawings are designed with CAD in PCG format and therefore the appropriate arrangements with the surveyor may need to be made early on in the project to suit Western Power new requirements.

Western Power Posts Reminder of CAD files in MGA (Click Here to Read Post) – 21/01/2015