WP Quote Acceptance Process Updated

The Western Power Quote Acceptance process for both external design & construct (e.g. large subdivision projects) as well as Western Power design & construct projects has changed to an online form submission.  

The enquiry@westernpower.com.au and subdivisionadmin@westernpower.com.au email address will no longer be monitored and all correspondence to be submitted to this address previously, must now go via the website.

For all WP design & construct “MP” (or SP, GP, NP) projects, a link will be provided with the WP Quote that takes you directly to an online quote acceptance form. For any projects previously sent and not yet accepted please follow the instructions below.

For all External design & construct “MS/ML” (or SS, GS, NS / SL, GL or NL) projects, the quote acceptance form and construction package administration package are to be submitted online by following the instructions below:

  1. Click link: https://my.westernpower.com.au/contact-us/
  2. Click ‘Enquiry or feedback’ and then ‘enquiry’
  3. Under topic select ‘Customer Projects’
  4. In ‘Ask us a question’ simply type ‘Quote Acceptance’ or ‘Construction Admin Package’
  5. Add the WP Reference number provided on the WP Quote or Design Drawing
  6. Add as an attachment your quote acceptance form or Construction Admin Package
  7. Continue through the screens, adding in your details until it is submitted

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