Western Power Pre-Start Clarification

A summary of the key new (December 2015) points of the UDS construction process is below. Note that the this has been a rolling implementation, but should now be fully complied with:

  • Refer to the Western Power development process (UDS 4.3.1, fig 5)
  • Upon submission of a design to WP for Conformance, a Developer must opt to either follow the original quoting process, or the de-coupled quoting process:
    • Original process – wait for audit of subdivision design AND interface design and quoting, before For Cons design is issued.
    • De-coupled process – wait only for audit of subdivision design, before For Cons design is issued. Interface design and quote is issued later.
    • The choice of the above impacts only when the quote is received relative to For Cons drawings being issued.
    • Before construction may commence, For Construction drawings must be issued AND the “construction package” must be issued to Western Power. Note that a pre-start with Western Power is not a requirement of the new process.
    • The construction package consists of (UDS
      • Site Safety Management Plan, incorporating Western Power’s Contractor Safety Guidelines (UDS & Safety, Health and Environment Requirements for Contractors)
      • Key Construction staff (Site Superintendent, Civil Contractor, Electrical Contractor etc)
      • Authorisation of Contractor as the party who shall carry out the work and handover the Western Power assets to Western Power
      • Construction programme
      • Confirmation of latest Electrical design revision
      • Electrical network is installed and tested by Developer’s Contractor. Western Power have no involvement in this phase. Design queries must be submitted to the Developer’s Electrical Engineer. Compliance evidence should be documented by the Contractor throughout the works programme to assist the handover inspection.
      • Handover inspection occurs in conjunction with Western Power (as per usual).


Underground Distribution Schemes (UDS) Manual:


Health and Environment Requirements for Contractors:


Please feel free to contact our office on 08 6314 9000 for further clarification.  

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