Western Power’s New Website and Submission Process

On Monday 10th October 2016, Western Power released their new Land Development Website where we are now required to submit DIP, DCR and As Constructed packages via the new website. The intention is to streamline the process and hopefully reduce turnaround times. There is a period of grace, however we have immediately embraced the new system.

A few changes to the system that will affect Developers and Civil Engineers are outlined below. All of the information listed below must be provided to successfully lodge the electrical design for DCR under the new web based system:

  • WAPC approval and a copy of the Conditional Approval document is required for DCR submissions.
  • Civil NER signed design drawings will be required when any substation site requires a raised site and so requires batters and/or retaining walls.
  • Hydrology data is a crucial part of the DCR submission on all projects with substations.
  • LGA overall approval for new estates for the inclusion of Western Power decorative street lighting is required.

Also, in the latest release of the UDS manual back in January, MGA files now replace CSD files for all projects that started from January 2016. 

Please feel free to call someone at our office on 08 6314 9000 if you would like to discuss any of this.

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